Thera-Clean® Microbubbles Service

The Microbubbles that the Thera-Clean® machine produces, the ones that form the milky color you see, they are about 1/10th the size of a red blood cell. Their small size makes it possible for them to go down deep down into the hair follicles and remove all sorts of crud, such as bacteria and fungus that other products simply cannot reach. Negative ions attract positive ions, the microbubbles carry a slight negative charge, which allows them to attract the positive charged ions on the dirt and debris stuck down in the skin layers, and this attraction pulls the unwanted dirt and debris out of the skin and into the water, where it can later go down the drain, where it belongs! “The deepest clean is also the gentlest.”

Thera-Clean® can be also used on pets with no current issues to ensure the skin is healthy and prevent any issues from happening. However if your pet has a current issue that has not appeared on the top layer of skin yet, the microbubbles will bring that issue up giving you the ability to treat it sooner rather than later.

Check out the benefits section below for many more reasons to start your precious dog on a Thera-Clean Microbubbles regimen today.

Thera Clean Dog Bath Lubbock TX

How will Thera Clean be beneficial for me and my pet ? Why is it so valuable?

  • Prevention: Do you have a healthy pet that you want to prevent bacteria and other nasties from forming, sign up your pet for regular Thera-Clean baths today!
  • A very deep all natural cleaning of the skin; just water and bubbles with optional enzymes for even more efficiency.
  • Skin issues can cause odors on dogs, Thera Clean can help our pets smell better for a longer time by deep cleaning their skin (Thera-Clean can even remove odor if your pet was sprayed by a Skunk).
  • Thera Clean can reduce shedding up to 75% by allowing the hair to stay attached to the skin for a longer time, and cleaning out the dead hairs!
  • The only thing used to assist the water and microbubbles is a plant based enzyme. This lack of chemicals is very good for our environment.
  • Thera Clean can reduce or eliminate stress in our pets, we have even had some close to falling asleep during their bath, that just does NOT happen during a regular bath. While our pets enjoy our regular bathing nozzle more than old fashioned finger scrubbing, NOTHING can beat the relaxation effects of Thera-Clean microbubbles and enzymes!
  • For all you sensitive pets out there who have a hard time finding a shampoo that does not irritate you, Thera-Clean is the answer, as there are absolutely no harsh chemicals, just water and enzymes!
  • Thera-Clean being only water and enzymes means there is virtually no chance of further irritating existing skin irritations your pet may have.
  • If your pet already has medicated baths from their veterinarian, the deep cleansing of a Thera-Clean bath will help those products reach the areas they were designed to reach.
  • Prevention: Do you have a healthy pet that you want to prevent bacteria and other nasties from forming, sign up your pet for regular Thera-Clean baths today! The one caveat to this is if there is already an issue forming beneath the top layer where you currently cannot see it, Thera-Clean will give you a head start on being able to help your pet.
  • Help your pets dry skin by requesting moisture plus after your pets bath to replenish moisture needed to maintain healthy skin.
  • Just like humans, pets can develop sore and achy joints as well, and it is our job to help them feel better if we can. We can do this through nutrition, supplementation, and scheduling regular Thera-Clean® baths can give your pet a break from those sore and achy joints. It does this because the Microbubbles enter deep down into the hair follicle and when they burst it creates a massaging effect on your pets joints. In fact, the chocolate lab featured in one of our pictures jumped into his car at the end of his Thera-Clean bath, something neither us nor his mom were used to seeing him do in his old age.


Thera Clean Dog Bath Lubbock TX

This brown lab was literally suffering old age, he didn’t have long left to live, and we had to lift him into tub gently every time. When he was done with his bath he jumped into the car, his owners mom who is mom of the Shihtzu in a different pic was stunned. Her son took wonderful care of him, sadly he passed away early November.

Thera Clean Dog Bath Lubbock TX
Thera Clean Dog Bath Lubbock TX
Thera Clean Dog Bath Lubbock TX

This was our very own client Lucy whose mom was at her wits end when Veterinary products weren’t working, but in conjunction with Thera Clean we were able to help Lucy regrow her hair and get rid of her rash.

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