What is your cancellation policy?

Answer: We understand life happens and things come up. We ask you to be as mindful of us as you can and give at least 48 hour notice if possible so we know we have an open time slot. Our business we have to factor in drive time, filling up with gas, water, road conditions, and anything else that salons do not deal with. We can not do 24 dogs in a day like salons, at most 6 to 8. At this time we have no cancellation fees, as we do not want to penalize you for life happening, we want a happy working relationship.

Why do your services cost more?

Answer: We use high end luxury products, that are very gentle on our pets and clean very well. We have to consider our equipment costs, gas, maintenance on our vehicle, amongst other normal overhead costs such as product and insurance. Mobile grooming is a convenient premium service where we come to you, and there is value for our time as well as the risk we are taking with driving around, such as accidents and tickets, road conditions, etc. We want our services to be affordable for everyone involved.

Can I be in your trailer while you groom?

While we generally prefer not and have found that pets don’t always stay as calm with their favorite person around, making them harder to groom, we understand the love we all have for our furry family members and will accommodate your needs. Please be aware that if the groom becomes too difficult the full grooming charge still applies.

Do I have to provide proof of vaccinations?

No, there will be no contact with other animals which is the main risk of disease being spread.

What if my dog is matted?

Answer: We will attempt to save the coat as long as it does not cause discomfort to your dog. Mats can get very tight to the skin and tugging them is painful, where as some are not as tight and can be worked out. If they are too tight, we will need to shave underneath them. Your dogs health, safety, comfort and wellbeing are #1!

Will you need to hook up to our water or electricity?

We have a fully contained trailer with a 50 gallon fresh water tank and a separate grey water tank where the dirty water empties. We fill our fresh water at the beginning of the day. We use a generator for powering our dryers and table, etc. Sometimes we run out of water, especially with big dogs, also if you prefer we carry extension cords to minimize the generator noise.

FAQ February 5, 2021