New Client Intake Form

Client Intake Form
Before filling out this form, please acknowledge that you have looked over the prices on our web site and understand that our prices are all inclusive of our luxury bath, conditioner, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, haircut/ or De shed (depending on coat type) and normally range from $80 plus tax to $250 plus tax depending on the size of your dog, and the time and effort spent on service. In some cases our services can be higher, examples would be matted dogs or a dog that has fleas and causes us to have to reschedule other clients.
We Communicate through text message.
Please note that pricing reflects time and effort and is based on approximately 1/2 inch or less.

This section is just a few question to get to know you

Has your pet been groomed within the last 8 weeks?
Years Months
Do you currently have another groomer?
We are transitioning to monthly service between 4-5 weeks, is this something you are interested in ? If No we may find a spot for you, however new intakes agreeing to a monthly spot will be given priority. If we have all monthly spots full we will not be accepting any other requests.

Please read King Charles Holistic Spaw Policy agreement before service:

We believe in humanity before vanity meaning, we will not harm a pet with strenuous dematting. To avoid matting it is recommended pets are on a 4 week schedule or regularly "Line Brushed at home".

We aim to provide a stress free grooming session for your pet and our groomers. We will not perform any grooming procedure that causes pain or a level of stress that our groomers feel is excessive (i.e. nails, dematting, etc)

Grooming Risks:

1.) While my groomer is gentle and takes all necessary precautions, accidents such as nicks, cuts, razor burn, skin irritation, or reactions to the shampoo and other products used is rare but possible (all products are designed for pets).

2.) Nail Trims: To maintain a pets health, posture, and keep the nails from curling up into the paw pad, regular nail trims are recommended. Nail trims have the risks of cutting into the Qwik, if this happens my groomer will apply a pain relieving styptic powder to ease the discomfort and stop the bleeding. I understand that if my groomer cannot complete the nail trim to my desired nail length, or at all that I may need to take my pet to a veterinarian. I also understand that sometimes a dogs nail can stop bleeding and start again if they walk on a rough surface or irritate the nail again some other way.

3.) I understand that by allowing King Charles Holistic Spaw to groom my pet I am also giving permission for photos of my pet to be taken and posted on social media and their website. King Charles Holistic Spaw will not sell these photos, they will only be used for promotion of their business.

4.) Thera-Clean: If client opts to allow their pet to enjoy the wonders of a Thera-Clean microbubble bath client understands enzymes may be added to the water, if client does not want these enzymes they can decline them. Client understands that Thera Clean microbubbles give the deepest clean possible, that while it is just bubbles and water, and will not cause an allergic reaction, that the deep penetration of the microbubbles shall not be used if pet has had vaccinations in the prior 7 days to ensure the vaccines do not get removed by the microbubbles.

5.) I will inform King Charles Holistic Spaw of any medical/and or behavior conditions that my pet is known to have prior to my pets grooming appointment. 

6.) I am guaranteeing my pet to be up to date on the rabies vaccine. I will not hold King Charles Holistic Spaw liable for any disease acquired due to any vaccines my pet is not up to date on.

7.) If I request my groomer to shave or use clippers on my double coated dog, (Examples include australian shepherds and huskies), I acknowledge my groomer has explained to me the risks associated with this procedure, including but not limited to my dogs hair not growing back properly (This can happen unpredictably at any point, even if your dog has been shaved it's whole life without previous issues), my dog being hotter than normal, Clipper Alopecia (Where certain spots do not grow back at all). By proceeding to have King Charles Holistic Spaw continue with shaving or using clippers on my double coated dog, I am releasing them from liability if these issues arise. 


If my dog is matted, I understand that generally King Charles Holistic Spaw does not de mat dogs, unless the mats are not severe and the dog can handle itI acknowledge that if my pet is matted there will be a charge of $1.50 per minute dematting/shaving fee assessed,  I also understand that while a dog is being shaved/groomed, especially when matted that the groomer may find sores, bumps, bugs, stickers, burrs, and other issues that are underneath the mats. If my groomer finds anything that they deem requires medical care or if an accident occurs, King Charles Holistic Spaw has my permission to take my pet to a veterinarian immediately and will notify me or someone I name on this form as soon as possible. Other risks involved with shaving a matted dog include but are not limited to nicks, cuts, abrasions, skin irritation, etc. I understand King Charles Holistic Spaw takes the utmost care in caring for my dog, and that given the increased risk of accepting to groom a matted dog, if problems occur I will pay for all verterinary fees that occur due to the grooming of my matted dog, I will not hold King Charles Holistic Spaw liable for any issues that arise due to grooming my matted dog. I agree that if King Charles Holistic Spaw shows up and my dog is matted and I did not let them know, that if they attempt to groom my matted dog and cannot complete the groom I will pay for services completed equaling a minimum of half of the groom fee

       *Understand that if your dog’s ears are badly matted, the chance of them experiencing hematomas (due to circulation being cut off from the matt’s) once the hair is removed/shaved, is greatly increased. Hematomas are exhibited by blood pooling at the ends of the ear leather. This can occur hours after the initial groom and can be triggered through the shaking of the ears. If your pet shows prolonged, excessive head shaking after the groom, consider vet treatment to avoid any further issues caused from the shaking.


All clients are encouraged to pre-book their appointments to ensure their pet’s spots. Appointments not booked at least during previous grooming appointments are not guaranteed, and may not be guaranteed a spot for the next grooming slot. Many clients book their appointments monthly, these client’s appointments will have priority.

Appointments are booked by routes. As a mobile groomer, windows are 2 hours each way and we do everything to be in that window. Please remember working with live animals is unpredictable especially if they are not on a regular schedule (i.e. elderly, etc.).We reserve the right to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances. If you need to reschedule please be courteous and give us 48 hour or more notice if possible.We do not charge cancellation fees, however a No call no show will incur a fee of $30 that will need to be paid at the next appointment.Depending on circumstances multiple reschedulings can result of cancellation of service.Please have your pet leashed and ready-to-go, walked, and/or given a potty break before scheduled appointment. Latch Key, please have your pet in an accessible area.



You may ask King Charles Holistic Spaw to send a price estimate, or view the website. All Prices listed are estimates and at the end will reflect the time and effort involved. Prices may change in either direction from appointment to appointment unless otherwise stated.


Owners are responsible to keep their pets flea & tick free

If we have to treat for fleas or ticks an additional fee ranging from $25-$250 will be applied (i.e. shampoo & rig). The fee assessed will depend on severity of infestation. By Checking the box below, I agree that I have read everything written here. These terms and conditions may be modified by King Charles Holistic Spaw at anytime.

I have read the liability waiver (above) in it's entirety and agree to the terms:
Are you flexible on the dates you listed above?
New Client Intake January 4, 2022